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Our International Work


Three years ago we celebrated our 10th year of friendship with the Rotary Club of Furth in Germany. Since 2008, our club has been involved in visiting Furth, which is officially linked with Paisley. Every second year, members of the German club come to Paisley for a visit. We are involved in a joint project with the Rotary club of Furth, to build and equip a school in Malawi.


Although polio has not been seen in Great Britain and Ireland for many years, it is vital that we continue our efforts to eliminate the disease worldwide in order that it can never return. Rotary clubs in Great Britain and Ireland have so far donated over £20 million to End Polio Now.

Our efforts to eradicate polio have been described as one of the finest humanitarian projects the world has ever known and Rotary has even been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. The eradication of polio when completed will be one of the most significant achievements in public health since the eradication of smallpox.

The Rotary Club of Paisley has been involved over many years in raising funds. 

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